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In France, Greenyard Fresh groups together Greenyard Fresh France, Agrisol and Delta Stocks. As part of a group determined to diversify in order to satisfy customer expectations, we are developing a multi-origin, multi-segment and multi-purpose product offer.
Our infrastructures, such as our 10,000 m2 warehouse in Rungis, have been designed with this aim in mind. They boast the specific feature of being able to ripen not only bananas, but also exotic produce and stone fruit thanks to 20 ripening chambers. This equipment and the technologies used have allowed us to be the first to develop the convergence between the world of bananas and the world of exotics and to develop the "ready to eat" product. Multiple conditioning lines complete our added-value services offer. Furthermore, we are continuing to develop our range with organic products, berries and forest fruits.

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Jacques Azoulay creates the company Katopé.
Katopé becomes UNIVEG Katopé France following its purchase by the UNIVEG group. Nicolas Morinière takes over the company.
The UNIVEG group merges with the Greenyard group, comprising the companies Noliko, Pinguin and Peltracom.
The group unifies under the single Greenyard flag. UNIVEG becomes the Greenyard Fresh division.
UNIVEG Katopé France becomes Greenyard Fresh France.
Turnover has doubled since the UNIVEG purchased Katopé in 2008. The French market share is growing sharply. It represents 65% of activity, as opposed to 35% from exports.
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Our activities
Fresh fruit and vegetable production, conditioning, export, import, distribution and logistics for France and a selection of European markets.
Main products
Avocado, litchi, mango, banana, citrus fruit, out-of-season fruit and early season fruit and vegetables.
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