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Greenyard Fresh France
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Our products
Discover our best-sellers and the full range of our exotics, out-of-season and citrus fruit, and our early season fruit and vegetables.
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A priority activity, logistics plays a unifying role between our various departments in order to optimize the integration of our chain and offer you exemplary service.
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Sales departments
Boosted by our Sourcing centre and by the efficacy of our Sales Administration, our sales teams advise and assist you from Rungis to Plan d’Orgon.
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Our Quality policy
Our selection, ultra-modern infrastructures, controls and certifications guarantee you food safety and optimum quality.
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March 2020
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Brands & packaging
Under the Katopé or Switie label, or as a generic or distributor brand, we create packaging that gives the batch prominence on the display stand.
Become a customer
Want to become a customer or to find out more about all out products and skills? Our sales representatives will answer all your questions.