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Cutting-edge environmentally-friendly equipment

Our operational centre at Rungis was designed to house cutting-edge and environmentally-friendly equipment, in particular with regard to ripening.

  • Each pallet received has its own fan for greater efficacy, uniformity and speed.
  • 13 double chambers (two-storey) allowing optimized space management.
  • Our chambers have 3 zones and from this 3 possible temperature ranges in order to adapt the rise in heat to the temperatures of the various batches introduced.
  • Remote control allows for adapting the increases or reductions in temperature at any time, in order to refine the process.
  • New generation evaporator units, with integrated hot water battery, reduce electricity consumption and CO2 emissions.
  • Our environmentally-friendly building recuperates the heat generated from the cold production to use for ripening
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Pre-ripened and perfectly ripe

Our ripening service allows you to offer a range of pre-ripened and perfectly ripe products all year round.

Like the banana, fruits such as avocado and mango are said to be climacteric, i.e. they start or continue to ripen after harvesting.

In 2 stages, our ultra-performing equipment and our expertise allows us, for example for these two exotic fruits, to ensure you have a selection in perfect compliance with your specifications and consumer expectations.

Step 1: ripening

Ripening consists in heating the ambient air, for avocados and mangos, to a temperature of 18- 20° for several days. The fruit then starts ripening and softens. The mango pulp becomes orange, but its external colour does not change. Conversely, the avocado goes brown on the outside.


Step 2: quality and ripeness selection

Due to the variations in ripeness in avocados and mangos following ripening, they are sorted using a piezoelectric sensor system on four different areas of the surface of each fruit. The measurement of its elastic properties determines its degree of ripeness. Fruits are then sorted mechanically in accordance with their degree of ripeness, in order to comply precisely with the specifications.

Ripening bananas
Discover the ripening process unique to bananas in their World.
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The benefits of our technique

1st market position High added value
Control Non-destructive test of 100% of fruit
Identification Uniform batches
Decrease Limits rejection rates
Shopping basket 3 Increased sales volumes
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Our pre-ripened and perfectly ripe (ready-to-eat) products

Kiwi Fruit
Stone fruits
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